Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Illinois

Rare Opportunity: Frank Lloyd Wright Home Hits Market for $900,000 in Illinois


In the picturesque town of Wilmette, Illinois, nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, stands a rare gem of architectural history: a Frank Lloyd Wright home unlike any other. Priced at $899,000, this 1,460-square-foot property offers a glimpse into the visionary designs of one of America's most renowned architects.

The home, known as the Lewis E. Burleigh House, is one of the few realized versions of Wright's American System-Built Homes, a line of prefabricated affordable houses designed in the early 20th century. With its striking design and rich history, the Burleigh House has captured the imagination of architectural enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Originally crafted from the Model C3 design, the Burleigh House features Wright's signature elements, including a central front porch, a spacious living room with a central hearth, and two bedrooms nestled at the back of the house. Over the years, the property has undergone meticulous renovations, with updates to the kitchen and the addition of a full bathroom to the primary bedroom.


A small office in the home. Photo: Laura Bennett, VHT Studios

What sets the Burleigh House apart is its unique provenance and architectural significance. Designed during a period of innovation and experimentation in American architecture, Wright's American System-Built Homes aimed to provide well-designed, affordable housing to a broader segment of the population. Although only a handful of these homes were ever built, each one represents a testament to Wright's vision of democratic design.


Photo: Laura Bennett, VHT Studios

Beyond its architectural pedigree, the Burleigh House offers a lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Situated just four blocks from Lake Michigan, residents can enjoy easy access to outdoor activities and breathtaking views of the lake. Additionally, the home's proximity to the vibrant shopping districts of Evanston and downtown Wilmette makes it an ideal location for those seeking a perfect balance of tranquility and urban amenities.


For Melody Eckroth, the current owner of the Burleigh House, the opportunity to own a piece of architectural history was a dream come true. Having purchased the property in March 2021, Eckroth has lovingly restored and maintained the home, ensuring that its unique charm and character are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

As the Burleigh House goes up for sale once again, it represents more than just a piece of real estate—it is a tangible link to a bygone era of architectural innovation and creativity. With its timeless design and prime location, this Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece is sure to captivate the imagination of discerning buyers seeking a piece of architectural history.

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